the details.

::what to wear.
::what to expect on a shoot.
::and what happens next.

::what should we wear, you ask?

what are you comfortable in? are you a casual dude who feels best in flip flops and jeans? are you a miss fancy pants who prefers a skirt and stiletto heels? i want you to feel comfortable in what you choose to wear for these pictures. i want you to be the best version of YOU, today. these pictures are a representation of you and of your style- whatever that may be.

should you all dress alike?

no please.

how often do we go out in public with our families wearing matching outfits? let your wardrobe be a reflection of each person's individuality. anything goes! you don't even need to have everyone in the same color scheme. stripes go with polka dots go with plaids go with solids. in my humble opinion, individuality makes for the best photographs.

with that being said, the sky's the limit for your attire.

::the shoot.

{a photo shoot with me is informal and relaxed.}

lots of people have asked me how I get so many genuine smiles and laughter out of the people in my pictures, and i'm not gonna lie....I'M FUNNY! i have finally found a good use for my big mouth- and putting my clients at ease is my forte. i promise you that your shoot with me will be fun, easy and carefree.

(husbands, i know this isn't your favorite thing to do, but it means a lot to your just roll with me. wives, make sure you prepare your husbands for at least an hour time slot. for a special occassion such as this, bribery goes a long way for grown men and children:)

::what happens next.

within two weeks of our shoot date i will email you a password to your private online gallery. feel free to share your gallery with friends and family! you will have one month to make your print selections and digital image selections and/or to make a package upgrade.

shortly after finalizing your disc and print choices you will receive your beautifully packaged digital negatives in the mail with a signed permission to print form as well as my printing recommendations. prints to follow soon after.

In order to give each of my clients maximal time and my attention to detail, I book a limited number of shoots per month. Currently, I am scheduling sessions 3-4 weeks in advance.